Defender Foil Protection Package

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Riding a hydrofoil on any type of surf craft in any condition can go sideways quickly, making protecting yourself mandatory equipment for every foiler.

The Defender Impact Vest

The Defender HF Impact Vest has been designed to give you gladiator-level protection from a potentially injurious board or foil strike to the torso.

The padding on the Defender HF Impact Vest is logically located to allow for unobtrusive paddling and smooth integration under a kite or windsurf harness. Strategically placed internal impact-shell technology throughout the Defender HF Impact Vest shield your upper body from wayward foil points, board noses and other scar-producing dangers so you can ride another day.

The Barrier Soft Helmet

Does your head need some protection? From what? Impact? Sun? Both? Our Barrier Soft Helmet deftly and stylishly provides multiple levels of unobtrusive protection at an ultralight weight.

From afar the Barrier Soft Helmet looks like a surf hat: perforated ear holes, stiff brim, chin strap, low profile. Up close, however, you’ll notice the 2D laminated EVA protection pads that’ll save your melon from the glancing blow of a wayward foil or board.

The Vinaka Wingsurf Harness

The world’s first purpose-built harness for wingsurfing, the Vinaka will have you riding longer and pinching upwind more efficiently by taking the wing’s weight off your arms whenever you want.

The Vinaka’s ultra-minimal design of ripstop nylon and thin closed-cell foam weighs-in at a mere 450 grams, so you can still fully enjoy the free feeling of wingsurfing.


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