Freestyle V1 115 With Phantasm Windsurf 730 Foil Package

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Foiling freestyle is here and Slingshot is leading the way with dedicated freestyle shapes. The NEW Freestyle 115L is the go-to board for wave sailors, freestylers or anybody who demands a centered footstrap position for full control of both rails. The thick skimboard shaped outline packs a ton of volume in a compact size. The Freestyle offers easy uphauling and plenty of float to get you up on the foil in the lightest breezes.

Featuring both a Tuttle box and track mount, the Freestyle 115 allows you to attach almost any foil and place the lift exactly where your style dictates. A centerline 3-footstrap option provides for controlled wave riding and switch stance freestyle moves. Opting for the more outboard, 4 strap configuration provides great upwind and downwind angles.

The Freestyle 87 is the board for dedicated foilers who want to foil even when the trees are trembling. The super compact skim board outline can handle blasting wind speeds while giving you a direct-to-foil feeling with no noticeable swing weight. Big enough to get going in 5.0 conditions the Freestyle 87 is the choice for smaller maneuver oriented riders or anyone who plans to foil as when its windy enough for fun classic windsurfing.

Like its bigger brother the Freestyle 115 has both track mount and Tuttle box in the tail, allowing you to mount industry standard Tuttle foils along with the tunability of a sliding track mount.


PACKAGE INCLUDES: Freestyle Board, Mounting hardware, Windsurf footstraps (x3)


After extensive testing by Tony Logosz and the Slingshot Windfoil Team, we are proud to release the ALL NEW Phantasm 730 Windsurf Package. The Phantasm 730 Windsurf is a high-performance carbon freeride foil with maximum versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction.

The package comes with a wide-body 103cm mast made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon. The wide body masts are capable of handling the largest wings, and all the leverage applied when standing out on the rail of a windsurf board.

The PFI 730 wing is a polished, refined, and scaled down version of our most popular wing to date, the Infinity 76. Better pumping, better jumping, higher top speed and tighter radius carves, all while retaining that shaped-in downforce in the wingtips which prevent you from over-foiling at high speed. The new PFI 730 front wing, combined with the efficiency of carbon delivers a huge wind and speed range with limitless carving and jumping potential.


+ Simply put: this is the best all-around performance windsurf foil on the market

+ The perfect blend of early lift, stability, speed and maneuverability + The stiffest carbon mast on the market, matched with a scaled

down and tuned up version of our favorite wing ever, gives you a windsurf foil with unlimited potential


+ The unbending nature of carbon allows riders to push their limits beyond the thresholds of aluminum performance.

+ A pedestal with more adjustability allows riders to obtain their desired performance by fine tuning their foil placement.

+ Our riders demanded a foil system capable of taking to the air and taking a beating.

Package includes:

PFI 730 Front Wing, PS 400 Stabiliser  872 Fuselage, Wide-body 103Wcm Mast, wing covers, carrying case

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