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***The MID-WAY combines the performance of traditional sea kayaks (glide, speed, technical qualities) with the advantages of a roof seat (self-draining, safety, ease of use).

It allows you to hike from 1 to 3 days.
It has a watertight compartment at the front and a rear storage space for a 24-litre watertight container.
This rear area can accommodate a scuba diving tank.

The MID-WAY conforms to division 245 and can travel beyond 300 m and up to 2 miles from a shelter (without being registered but with basic safety equipment), or up to 6 miles (registered kayak and with coastal safety equipment).

Check out our regulations page for more information.

Length: 440 cm
Width : 65 cm
Depth : 34 cm
Weigth : 23 kg
Capacity : 1 person
Charge max : 140 kg

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