Wing Craft With Phantasm 926 Wing Foiling Package

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Size: 75L
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We started with a compact platform built for pumping and precise foil control, gave it a flat rocker, kick tail and width demanded for ultra-early takeoff. Sprinkled in enough thickness and stability for the big guys to do a submerged knee start using even the smallest size in the line, and voilà, the Wing Craft was born. The Slingshot Team spent the better part of two years searching for the perfect wing, mast, fuse combo for Wing Surfing. The Phantasm 926 Wing package checks all the boxes and delivers rapid progression to all weight classes and riding styles. The Phantasm 926 Wing is a high-performance, high aspect carbon freeride foil with maximum versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction.

Package Includes: Wing Craft V1 Board, Pedestal Mounting Hardware, PTM 926 front wing, PS 400 stabilizer, 710 fuselage, 92cm carbon mast, neoprene wing covers, carrying case, Complete Hardware Kit.

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