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Winging, First Steps for Success

The Crossbreed 11’ inflatable SUP, that we’ve all come to love, now doubles as the perfect board to learn how to Wing surf. The removable sUP WINDer keel fin, combined with the normal tail fin, will allow you to stay upwind while using a SlingWing and propel you across the water.


Get changed and stay warm. The Moonwrap is a life saver when it comes to staying warm outdoors. Whether you’re wet or dry, the Moonwrap will soon warm you up. We designed the Moonwrap to withstand those muddy, wet, sandy days using durable, high quality materials.

Wakeboard Sale

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2022 Pill2022 Pill
Slingshot 2022 Pill
Sale price£454.00 Regular price£649.99
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Save 30%
2022 Native2022 Native
Slingshot 2022 Native
Sale price£419.99 Regular price£599.99
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Save 30%
2022 Solo2022 Solo
Slingshot 2022 Solo
Sale price£419.00 Regular price£599.99
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Save 30%
2022 Windsor2022 Windsor
Slingshot 2022 Windsor
Sale price£418.99 Regular price£599.99
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Save 30%
2022 Space Raider2022 Space Raider
Slingshot 2022 Space Raider
Sale price£404.00 Regular price£579.99
Save 20%
2022 Terrain2022 Terrain
Slingshot 2022 Terrain
Sale price£399.99 Regular price£499.99
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Save 30%
2022 Nomad2022 Nomad
Slingshot 2022 Nomad
Sale price£384.00 Regular price£549.99
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Save 36%
2022 Contrast2022 Contrast
Slingshot 2022 Contrast
Sale price£383.99 Regular price£599.00
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Save 30%
2022 Coalition2022 Coalition
Slingshot 2022 Coalition
Sale price£383.99 Regular price£549.99
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2022 Highline V12022 Highline V1
Slingshot 2022 Highline V1
Sale priceFrom £279.99 Regular price£399.99
Save 30%
2022 Super Grom2022 Super Grom
Slingshot 2022 Super Grom
Sale price£279.00 Regular price£399.99
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Wing Craft, Phantasm & Slingwing V3 Package

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