Onsen 5/4/3 F/Z Fullsuit

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Whether you are living in a cold climate or looking to extend your season the Onsen 5/4/3, built with 100% Yamamoto #40, will deliver warm sessions in frigid conditions. Strategically built for max warmth and max mobility, the Onsen 5/4/3 has 5mm in the torso, 4mm in the legs, and 3mm in the arms.

Onsen wetsuits are constructed with 100% Yamamoto #40 neoprene. Every detail has been tested in the harshest of conditions and designed utilizing comprehensive research and development that implements environmentally sustainable materials.

Water Temp: 50°F and below | 10°C and below

Model Size: Model is 6’0” tall, 185lbs and is wearing a size Large

We are proud to introduce our all-new Onsen line of wetsuits, constructed with 100% Yamamoto #40 neoprene. Protecting and preserving our oceans, seas, and rivers—our playgrounds, our livelihoods, our sacred spaces—drives our relentless efforts to develop and build our wetsuits with materials that are uncompromising insustainability, lifespan, and performance.And that commitment has led us to Yamamoto, the global leader in sustainable limestone-based neoprene. The Yamamoto #40 neoprene used in our Onsen wetsuits is significant for several reasons, both in terms of the environment and performance.

Not a single detail overlooked. No corners cut. No skimping on quality, testing, durability, or performance. Ride Engine wetsuits and neoprene accessories have been battle-tested in the harshest of conditions and designed utilizing comprehensive research and development that implement environmentally sustainable materials. The result? Wetsuits and neoprene accessories that increases your time on the water, keeping you warmer and more protected, with a conscious build and long-term durability.


Limestone replaces the petro chemicals found in other neoprene. Minimal Water Retention: The closed-cell geometric structure of the #40 neoprene has minimal water retention (99.7% water impermeable), resulting in a wetsuit that’s warmer (the cell structure has better heat retention, so a 3/2 can perform in water temperatures that you would normally need a 4/3) and lighter (less water absorption) and dries extremely fast.


The #40 neoprene is one of Yamamoto’s most flexible, which ensures our Onsen wetsuits move as smoothly as you do and provide the highest-level of restriction-free movement.


Our Onsen wetsuits fit better and hold up longer than oil-based neoprene suits, thanks to #40’s honeycomb structure.


Solvent-free lamination of the Yamamoto #40 neoprene liners eliminate harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and no toxic hydrophobic coatings or laminations mean that all of our wetsuits are C-Free materials (free of C8, C6 and C4)

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