Makao Single Kayak

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Colour: Sun
Paddle: Comfort
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The MAKAO is the new RTM brand’s top single-seater sit on top kayak.

This new kayak is stable, comfortable and suitable for all types of paddlers, beginners or experienced.


Length : 273 cm
Width : 79 cm
Depth : 36 cm
Weigth : 22 kg
Capacity : 1 person
Charge max :140 kg

Equipment Included

• 1 Drain plug
• Rear storage area with aluminum rails and plastic / bungee hooks
• 1 central storage space with rubber hatch
• 4 integrated carry handles
• 4 self-draining wells
• 6 buckle bridges
• Integrated footrest
• 2 Elastic paddle Holders
• 2 side pocket holder threads
• 1 folding PE backrest

PACK VERSION = Comfort version +
• 2-Piece Kayak Paddle

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