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Reference of Sit on Top kayaks, the Ocean Duo is the most versatile boat there is.

Self-emptying, robust, practical, comfortable and safe, it can be used alone, in pairs or in threes. Ideal for the family, this kayak is your companion from the ride to the surf, in the sea as well as in the river. Available in pack.

Following the modification of division 245, the OCEAN DUO can now go beyond 300 m and up to 2 miles from a shelter (without being registered but with basic safety equipment), or up to 6 miles (registered kayak and with coastal safety equipment).


Length : 370 cm
Width : 88 cm
Depth : 33 cm
Weigth : 29 kg
Capacity : 2 adults + 1 child
Charge max : 220 kg

Packages Options

• 1 Drain plug
• 3 storage spaces with strap
• 4 carrying handles
• 4 self-bouncing wells
• 14 Loop Bridges
• Molded footrests
• 2 Elastic paddle Holders
• Deckline

PACK VERSION = Comfort version +
• 2 x Egalis Sport Paddles 220cm
• 2 Luxe seats

Please note: This is a bulky Item and shipping costs can vary.

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