Phantasm Wingsurf 926 Foil Package

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The Slingshot Team spent the better part of two years searching for
the perfect wing, mast, fuse combo for Wing Surfing. The Phantasm 926 Wing package checks all the boxes and delivers rapid progression to all weight classes and riding styles. The Phantasm 926 Wing is a high-performance, high aspect carbon freeride foil with maximum versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction.

The package comes with 92cm mast made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon. The high aspect PTM 926 wing is a pumping machine, making it easy to connect from bump to bump on downwind runs. It slices through the back side of a swell like butter, helping you to reach the next face and continue your glide. It soaks up lift from even the smallest bumps allowing the rider to stand tall and relaxed making 1-foot swells feel like big open-ocean rollers.

Ready to throw on the straps and take to the air... The PTM 926 stands ready to deliver game changing pop and silky-smooth landing. The wide 926mm wingspan gives incredible rail to rail stability in transitions aiding the fancy footwork involved in tacks and tricks. From light wind to full power, from real waves to tiny bumps, the team consensus is unanimous – Phantasm Wing 926 Package.


+ If you want early lift, glide for days, stability you can count on and high aspect’ve found it.

+ The perfect blend of early lift, stability, speed and carving with motor like pumpability.

+ The stiffest carbon mast on the market, matched with a high aspect efficient pumping-machine of a wing.


+ Maximized pumping efficiency that increases success and makes connecting swells more fun than ever.
+ The High-Aspect, long wing span, slightly cambered wing delivers an addicting boost of speed and lift through every turn.
+ A wing with great span demands an extra stiff, high modulus carbon mast to deliver the desired control.

Package includes:

PTM 926 front wing, PS 400 stabilizer, 710 fuselage, 92cm carbon mast, neoprene wing covers, carrying case, Complete Hardware Kit

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