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The SUPER NATURAL is an entirely different breed of twin tip—except it’s not really a twin tip at all. With a new and exciting shape, the SUPER NATURAL is a modern take on the vintage mutant board.

Designed with a nose and a tail, the SUPER NATURAL offers unmatched drive and control when loading up for a huge boost or tearing the face off of some shore break.

About the Super Natural

The SUPER NATURAL is a mutant twin-tip hybrid that’s at home everywhere. With its nose and tail design, the SUPER NATURAL is able to excel in choppy conditions when you want a little added grip, in flat water when you are looking for extra hold down for huge airs, or in the waves when you want have a little slashing fun.

Additionally, with its Versa Fin six-fin configuration, you can ride the SUPER NATURAL with two, four, six or zero fins, depending on the conditions and your riding style for that session.

Developed on our Atomic Wood Core, this new breed of board provides unmatched lively pop and rebound, incredible upwind capabilities and tracking both directions. 



  • One of the most progressive and versatile shapes we have ever made.
  • Boosting and board-off tricks are more fun and easier than ever.
  • Makes riding a twin tip in beach break and wave conditions like riding an ocean skate park.

    Package Includes:

    SUPER NATURAL V1 Board, 6 x 1.75” (1.9x15.2cm) Kite Fins, Grab Handle

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